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Himalayas or Himalayan mountain range are spread across five countriesNepalIndiaBhutanChina and Pakistan.

The Himalayan range has majority of the Earth's highest peaks, including the highest of them - Mount Everest. As you can imagine the scale of the surrounding is very large and breathtaking views of the huge mountains is everywhere.

At this point we providing our adventure services only in Nepal, as this is a country we explored and run across enough times to make sure we can create the best possible tours for our clients.


whats the point?

We are trail running and fast packing enthusiasts and our biggest intention creating this adventure tours is to move as light and fast as possible to be able experienced much more of the Himalayas during your time here. Training can be another aspect of this running adventures, as long days on a steep terrain can bring your uphill game to the next level.

Is it possible to run in Himalayas?

-Yes and No.

During our tours we might go up to a very high elevation (up to 5400 m). If you had ever been above 3000 v.m. you can imagine the necessary effort to run there. Powerhiking skills will be very useful weapon on a higher elevations.

The trails in a lower altitudes will be good to run on, the same is with almost any downhills. 

how challenging it is?

Terrain we are going to cover is steep and moving up to the higher elevation the effort will be demanding. Be ready to face the challenge! Prepare yourself to have a good fitness, health and mental strength to have more fun out there!

are we going to run ultra marathons everyday?

No. We are going to cover a reasonable amount of distance every day taking in account acclimatization. 


where we are going to stay during our trip?

We are going to stay overnights in a basic guest houses located in the Himalayan villages. Bed, dinning hall and food will be provided. Few of the places will not going to have an extra's such a shower, wi-fi and electricity. Its might be little bit chilly during the nighttime at the highest elevations; the heaters not available there, but the extra blanket always do the job in such a conditions.

what we need to bring on this adventure?

Very basic kit to feel comfortable and light enough. See a link here:

who is the people this tours are for?

You need to have experience in trail running and be in a good relationships with a alpine weather and steep terrain.

Prepare some amazing stories to tell and bring some card games with you!

maybe iam not fast/strong enough?

Yes, there might be faster and stronger people who will take on an adventure with you.

Going into adventures we will make sure everyone will gets a good time out there. Some of the days we are going to split in a groups by pace, some of the days we will travel all together over the most challenging parts, sometimes we will go solo on a straight forward bits of the trails.

Every evening all together we will share our adventure stories over the dinner. Some table games and Everest climbing stories will be there as well.

If for any reason you are not filling well or not filling like running , there will be the alternative option to meet up with a group at the next check point by using transport or making the shortcut.

where are we going?

At this point we are providing tours in areas where more or less infrastructure available to make sure all of us going to be safe and happy.

can you guide me into some wilder parts of Himalayas?

Yes, there is a lot of wild and very adventurous places around Himalayas. E-mail us if you have any crazy ideas.



whats that?

Training camps in Pokhara for a runners (trailrunners, ultrarunners).

Multi-day training blocks around local hills and in Annapurna conservation area.

Lead by Roman and co-hosts.